Natori – Sample Sale!

I headed over to 28th and Madison Ave this afternoon to check out the two day Natori sample sale that was going on in lower Manhattan.  I suggest you make a run 🏃🏾 for it because items were going quickly. The wall to my right which held the line panties were already out of sizes L and XL. So if you’re one of  those lovelies that have BACK, (like myself) you were out of luck.  The selection was  decent in the bra department, where you were able to find selective styles, colors and cup sizes.

Photo Jun 07, 2 12 46 PM.jpg

Photo Jun 07, 2 13 15 PM.jpg

Photo Jun 07, 2 13 19 PM.jpg

What about those prices!! Whoop Whoop!

Photo Jun 07, 2 14 06 PM (1).jpg

And now let’s turn your attention to the Sleepwear. This was my obsession. A lot of items were picked over, but the selection of bath robes were amazing.  There weren’t  many night gowns or baby doll loungewear in the house, and these items were in a separate area located in the back of the showroom. I almost missed it, so it pays to walk the floor.

Photo Jun 07, 2 11 13 PM.jpg Photo Jun 07, 2 06 34 PM.jpg

Photo Jun 07, 2 04 22 PM.jpg

Look at what I scored!!!! Yellow Tag!! $20. Go Me!! Photo Jun 07, 10 07 51 PM.jpg


2 thoughts on “Natori – Sample Sale!”

  1. gurl…i can’t take you!!  if i didn’t know you, i’d swear you’re from hollywood somewhere!  🙂  


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