Talk to Yourself

Hello Darlings! How’s your Summer been treating you thus far? I can’t believe that July is already here and the heat is finally on. I’m stopping by just to write a quick note to all of you and to remind yourselves how beautiful you are. Sometimes we have to speak to ourselves, that’s right its okay to have a private conversation with “YOU”. We all can get caught up in our busy day-to day as we all may have commitments to our jobs and families. What about taking the time to strengthen your connection with yourself?   So right now I’m expressing to all of  you to go ahead and tell yourselves, “Self your are beautiful,  Self things are going to be ok,  Self, I believe in you, Self it’s time to take that vacation, Self no cooking or cleaning today,  Self, I have that pimple on my forehead but I’m still looking good, Self it’s okay to cry, but “I’m not built to break” and Self, I love you! Darlings, you owe that to yourselves!!

Photo Jul 09, 12 52 19 AM.png

In this picture here I told myself that “today I will choose happiness”

Please feel free to add to the comment box and tell me what have you told yourself that strengthen your connection with “YOU”..Let’s continue to inspire because you never know who’s heart you may have touched along the way. Let’s make MAGIC happen!!



1 thought on “Talk to Yourself”

  1. Self “I only manifest goodness in my life and deserve and accept all the abundance the universe is sending my way” This is a beautiful post-Felicia.


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