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From the Market to the Florist


From your local Farmers Market, Grocery Store, Flower shop and Deli, that’s where you can find me on any given day in New York City or Pennsylvania. Smelling all the gorgeous flowers and selecting some fresh fruit that I will use in a few of my delicious morning smoothies. Rockefeller Center  Farmers Market is in walking distance from my office building  in Midtown. The market is there from  Wednesday through Friday from July 26 through September 1st. There you can purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, jams, jelly, cheese, wine and more.  So if you’re near the Rock Center area during that time you’re in for a special treat.





Seasons Flowers  located on 8th street in Midtown.  This is my go-to Florist!  I just love the friendly staff there, and they have one of the best flower selections amongst florist in the Midtown area in my book.



And then there’s my favorite deli Toasties.  Every morning I’m looking for some fresh fruit whether it’s an apple or banana to go along with my morning coffee. Another friendly staff who always says “here comes Felicia, I believe  she wants to take a picture for her blog.” Ah don’t they know me well” ❤️



Here I am at my local grocery store in Pa.  Thank you to the lovely shopper who snapped this photo. 📸



I would love to know if you have a favorite Market or florist in your neck of the woods. Please share in the comments below. ❤️


2 thoughts on “From the Market to the Florist”

  1. That blouse was perfect for the fruit section! My favourite go tos are Trader Joes for super fresh flowers, there’s also a flower vendor outside Farragut North Metro, that I’ve been going to since I moved to DC and YES Organic Market is another favourite for more exotic veggies and fruits.


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