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48 Karat Magic



48 Karat Magic in the air. Yes Bruno Mars your song has inspired me, although I tweaked it a just a little.  Last month I celebrated 48 years of being on this earth. Grateful, Happy and Joyful are just a few words that can describe what I was feeling.

I wanted this year to be the year that I reconnected with my girlfriends. I wanted to spend my time with them without any major distractions. Normally I would opt to head out to a nice Jazz Lounge or a five star restaurant in New York City for an evening.  I said lets erase that for this year as my vision of a more intimate gathering with my friends is what I wanted to create for this particular weekend.

The Wyndham Village at Shawnee in the Pocono Mountains is where the festivities took place.  I rented a 2 bedroom Villa with a loft for my girlfriends and I, it was the perfect September weekend that anyone could ever   imagine. I was so excited that my friends were coming to spend my birthday weekend with me.

The time now is 8am and Just Illusions Party Center arrived at the Villa with my 48 balloons. Just look at all the beautiful colors!!

IMG_4200.JPG Fast forward to 3:00pm and I’m in my happy zone. My Personal Chef for the evening Iggy from Private Chef Now  has arrived promptly and ready to prepare my birthday dinner. On the menu;

  • Bang Bang Shrimp
  • Arugula Salad w/ Walnuts and Cherries
  • Tour-of Italy: Chicken Parmesan with Fettuccine Alfredo and Lasagna.

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While Iggy is handling his business in the kitchen my girlfriends start to arrive. It meant so much to me to have my friends celebrate this special evening. I’m the farthest from everyone as they all reside in New Jersey. However, without any hesitation everyone showed up and showed out. It made my heart sing when I saw the ladies park their cars and walk through those doors. Maranda, Lucretia, Tammy and Shynell, I hope you are reading this.  Please know that I love you all so very much!.









Those beautiful silk robes and silver ballerina slippers that my girls are wearing was an Etsy find.  Not sure if you noticed, but the balloon colors coordinated with each of our (Favorite Colors) Robes.


And then there was cake!


We stayed up till 1:00am dancing, singing and laughing at each others dance moves.💃🏾 We danced to a little Salt n Pepa (Push It) and New Edition’s ( If It Isn’t Love) and ended the evening with a little R Kelly! I’m chuckling as I’m typing this because I got a visual of us clowning around in the living room that evening. Good Times!!😃

The next morning we got up and prepared a delicious breakfast. Kudos to Maranda, Tammy and Lucretia for cooking our early morning breakfast. As for Shynell, I guess she had to get more beauty rest.😂


It was a weekend to remember. The weather was fantastic and being surrounded by my friends was the highlight of it all.  That 48 Karat Magic was definitely in the air. 🙏🏿


Go Felicia ….It’s Ya Birthday!!!🎤💃🏾





Chat and Chew

It’s All About That Grape!


You don’t have to travel to Napa Valley to be a sister of the vine. Go no further than Saylorsburg Pennsylvania for your wine experience.

Today I visited a local winery right in my own backyard called Blue Ridge Estate and Winery.  I’ve had the opportunity to visit this vineyard for a tasting a few months back,  but wanted to have the experience of sitting outdoors gazing at the picturesque view while sipping on a glass of vino.


It was just a perfect day as the weather was absolutely fantastic. I sipped and swirled on a bottle of Orange Moscato and you could taste the delicious delicate flavors of orange and florals within every glass.


Having a good read with a glass of wine is the perfect pairing (🍾➕📚).  Oh, and this book you see…..I  will talk about this on another post! 😉


In the words of PINK “Raise Your Glass”





I’m telling you the power of the grape 🍇 can really excite this girl as the sipping and swirling didn’t stop here. I decided to make a quick stop at another local winery located in  Bartonsville PA.  Franklin Hill Vineyards “I’m coming for ya” 💃🏾 🍷🍾. Let’s cheer and raise a glass for their delicious tasting white grape wine called Passion Strawberry Kiwi!! 🥝  This is a sweet wine (I love sweet wine) and it can be paired with anything. The lovely staff at  Franklin Hill Vineyards was so kind enough to take this photo of me right near this retro looking wine fixture!  Ladies over at Franklin Hill Vineyard, as promised I’m giving you a warm shout out right here on my LifeStyle Blog.  Whoo Hoo!! 👏🏾👏🏾




Who wants to come and WINE with me!  Cheers once again darlings🍷