It’s Lit!!

Do I have any candle lovers out there? Oh yes, I know there are so many of you who enjoy the  rich scents of a burning candle. From the infusing aromas of woodsy, fruity, floral, cinnamon and vanilla just to name a few.

Just the other day I stumbled upon the earthy and spicy aroma of Cedarwood and Patchouli from the Sweet Love Luxury Candle line. The Aromatic scent reminds me of the incense that I use to burn back in the day, (Frankincense and Myrrh). A big shout out to my street vendors from 125th St. in Harlem New York who sold those incense,  we really appreciated you.

OK now back to the candles,  I just love how the scent of a candle can stir a memory of a person, place or even a special moment that occurred in your life.

I’m burning my Sweet Love candle now and my home is LIT! It gets even better, it’s hand poured with love from my hometown Brooklyn New York!!  Purchase yours and let that baby burn.





Post Holiday Treats

It’s still not too late to purchase that holiday present for that special someone or just treat yourself to the delicious scents of Diptyque candles. The Diptyque 2017 holiday collection is here and for a limited time ONLY. My scent of choice: Incense Tears  (the vibrant blue candle) which fills my home with its unique aroma of Cinnamon and Myrrh. I’ve been using Diptyque  candles for many years and it’s on the top of my list when it’s time to purchase that high end luxury candle .


Incense Tear- Holiday Candle


And the beat goes on 🎼with the SONY Portable Wireless Bluetooth speaker. It’s compact  design allows you to take it anywhere. It comes in 3 different colors and the red was my color of choice. I love vibrant colors. Live colorfully I say !!


Happy Shopping!!!



My Summer Flower

Where to find me you asked?  Picking up some fresh blooms at one of my go-to flower stands here in the city.  Today I walked down the busy streets of ninth Ave in Midtown Manhattan which is also know as  Hells Kitchen , and purchased these darling sunflowers. 🌻 Sunflowers are one of my favorite choices of stems for the warmer months. I love their bright yellow faces that reminds me of the radiant sun ☀️.


Me and my Sunflowers! This picture was taken last summer!  Decked in yellow!


Today, on the corner of 43rd and 9th Ave!  Freshly picked!



This summer I’m going to be “Street Hiking NYC Style” to many of my favorite flower shops and local flower stands. We’re going to have a BLOOMING good time!! Tell me what is your favorite Summer flower?  🌻


That Green Leaf

I have to admit my love for flowers and plants has increased since joining Instagram over two years ago, and the Monstera plant has become my latest floral obsession. I’m fascinated by the richness in color, the glossiness and shine and it has been dubbed “The Swiss Cheese Plant” due to their interesting oblong holes that you will find on the leaves. The Monstera has become my go-to leaf for some of the rooms in my home, as they will certainly add that extra green “POP” of color you’ve been looking for. I frequent my local florist in Midtown Manhattan,  Season’s Floral Design Studio where you can snag these beauties for just $5.00. Not bad..right??

Photo May 31, 10 52 50 PMPhoto Jun 01, 9 17 02 PM.jpg

Photo May 31, 2 44 08 PMPhoto Mar 21, 3 00 00 PM.jpg


Kips Bay Decorator Show House/Flowers

Visiting the Kips Bay Decorator Show House tour earlier this month was incredible. We got to meet a few designers and let me tell you,  I was so inspired as the designer’s showrooms were INSANE!!!

Photo May 06, 1 44 22 PM

Photo May 06, 2 14 58 PM.jpg

Photo May 06, 1 46 28 PM (1).jpgPhoto May 06, 2 25 59 PM.jpg

Photo May 06, 2 11 27 PM.jpg

Photo May 06, 6 12 59 PM.jpg

Photo May 06, 1 55 37 PM

Photo May 06, 2 27 34 PM

Photo May 06, 1 55 48 PM.jpg


Lets’ talk about Flowers, which has now become an expensive habit of mine.  I find myself stopping at the local flower stand in NYC to pick up a new arrangement for my home or office weekly. I HAVE THIS THING WITH FLOWERS!!!!

Photo May 01, 11 13 47 PM

Photo May 09, 5 34 59 PM.jpg