The One Piece Wonder

After wearing high heels and pencil skirts during the week to the office, I choose to look  for something that is more comfortable and relaxing on the weekends.  Jumpsuits I consider that One Piece Wonder. They’re easy to put on, and most jumpsuits I purchase require minimal ironing if any.  You can dress them up with a blazer,  throw on a scarf and even a poncho and you’re ready to hit the ground running.   I just adore this lovely navy blue jumpsuit that I purchased from Fashionova here. It is so comfortable and it gives that extra stretch that we oh so love. And for those of you who have a little extra “cake” in the back like myself,  DONT YOU WORRY!!! as that spandex got you covered. 🍑 Go get yours and Happy Shopping.







Kate Lands At The Rock!

Be happy, Be bright, Be you!! Live Colorfully!! Eat Cake For Breakfast!! These are just some of the famous quotes by Kate Spade.  From chic handbags to sparkly, sophisticated and playful shoes, ladies you won’t be disappointed when you walk into a Kate Spade store.  This Fall a new Kate Spade boutique has opened in New York City at Rockefeller Center. The ROCK has just gotten more colorful .

I was so excited to walk into the store this afternoon as I was anxiously waiting  all Summer for their Grand Opening. I was loving this bright and vibrant neon sign that was located in front of the store.


What beautiful soles you are!! You can purchase these lovely Langton Boots here


Sutton Flats


Sparkle and Shine  Olina Boot15F3812C-5820-48E3-8280-08D2253764E5.jpeg

I felt like a kid in a candy 🍭 store


Loving this adorable Nouveau York Taxi Clutch


Nouveau York New Francis




Milford heel




Taking it all in.


Thank you for taking a look inside with me. As Kate would say “I love pretty things and witty words”😉





Horoscope Tee

Hello to all of my fashionable Darlings!!  I wanted to share with you my awesome Horoscope tee that I purchased from Jcrew. And yes, right now it’s Virgo season so I came through with some full force to represent. 👊🏾  Now don’t you worry, Jcrew has your horoscope tee waiting for you, so run on out and get yours at a reasonable price of $39.50.  It’s a super comfy tee and I just love the fit. Some tees come in long sleeve and others come in short.  See how I’m wearing mine.







So go ahead and show off your horoscope tee, and please share a picture I would love to see.

Hey that just rhymed!’😀


Natori – Sample Sale!

I headed over to 28th and Madison Ave this afternoon to check out the two day Natori sample sale that was going on in lower Manhattan.  I suggest you make a run 🏃🏾 for it because items were going quickly. The wall to my right which held the line panties were already out of sizes L and XL. So if you’re one of  those lovelies that have BACK, (like myself) you were out of luck.  The selection was  decent in the bra department, where you were able to find selective styles, colors and cup sizes.

Photo Jun 07, 2 12 46 PM.jpg

Photo Jun 07, 2 13 15 PM.jpg

Photo Jun 07, 2 13 19 PM.jpg

What about those prices!! Whoop Whoop!

Photo Jun 07, 2 14 06 PM (1).jpg

And now let’s turn your attention to the Sleepwear. This was my obsession. A lot of items were picked over, but the selection of bath robes were amazing.  There weren’t  many night gowns or baby doll loungewear in the house, and these items were in a separate area located in the back of the showroom. I almost missed it, so it pays to walk the floor.

Photo Jun 07, 2 11 13 PM.jpg Photo Jun 07, 2 06 34 PM.jpg

Photo Jun 07, 2 04 22 PM.jpg

Look at what I scored!!!! Yellow Tag!! $20. Go Me!! Photo Jun 07, 10 07 51 PM.jpg