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The Boutique Charm

Intimate, charming and unique in their own way, I have a thing for Boutique hotels.  This doesn’t mean that I shy away from our  beautiful  Chain Hotels, as I have a very active 8 year old little boy, and as such I opt to stay in Chain Hotels when traveling with him.

However, for most of my solo travel or with friends I prefer “Boutiquing”, ok I think I just made that word up. So here’s the deal as to why I prefer these small luxury hotels and their upscale accommodations.

The Marshall House
  • You will find them in prime locations
  • Some are also nestled inside a larger hotel
  • Approx 10-100 rooms the most (the rooms are decent in size)
  • Obsessed with their rich architecture design
  • Exceptional Service
  • Special touches (Fire Place, paintings  on the wall, flooring , window treatments etc.)
  • Intimate dwelling for guest
  • Added Bonus (Live Entertainment and cocktail hour)
  • A home away from home.

Now don’t frown as some may say, “Boutique hotels can be very pricey”.  Did you know there are some beautiful budget friendly boutique   hotels? You can find some right 👉🏾here. And as you browse the web you may find more budget friendly boutique hotels that are not on this list.  Please share and comment if you do.

I will be discussing more about the two boutique hotels I stayed in when visiting Savannah GA on another post. At times it can be a good thing to stay at two different properties while traveling so you can compare the similarities and the differences.

Thank you all for “Boutiquing” with me and good luck with planning your next stay wherever that may be.✨✨



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Upcoming Blog Post.. “A taste of Savannah”

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Caravan Glam


Glam Squad is the phrase that I hear often circling on Social Media, well I finally had the opportunity to experience “All that glam” with celebrity makeup artist Valerie Star from @caravannyc.

The bright and airy studio is nestled inside of the Gorgeous Gregory Hotel located in Midtown Manhattan.  When I walked through the doors of the studio, immediately Valerie greeted me with a warm and cheerful “welcome”.  We got acquainted and she was ready to get started.  Go ahead Valerie “do your thing dear lady”







24B3D63A-DB57-4A78-A3AA-0ED008689FA1Lip colors! Decisions Decisions



1AD81903-6535-4F55-9C58-4724010CCFC5Oh yes! I’m loving it!



Glam Glam Glam……





Feeling Good!


Until next time …………

Lips: @shereecosmetics

Face/Eyes: @mustaev_usa

Dress: @Anthropologie

Shoes: @lkbennettlondon

Phtography: @crkphotocraft

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Felicia On Fifth 🚕💃🏾

Tis the season to be strolling down the streets of Fifth Ave in New York City!  💃🏾🎄Hey there Darlings! C’mon and follow me as I show you some of New York City’s fantabulous holiday treats. You don’t want to miss it!!! Who knows where I’ll be next. Hashtag feliciaonfifth, but of course I’ll be making more stops down different avenues in these city streets. Catch more on my insta stories and if you happen to see me, please stop and say hello !👋🏾

The Lotte New York Palace






2DC96740-020E-49A0-946E-C9B9CC1530E5.jpegIt’s the most wonderful time of the year!


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That Curb Appeal

Let me whip that “Curb Appeal” on you!  Ah Yes, Curb Appeal can be found all around New York City.  This week if you were in the Midtown area of the big city, you may have spotted your insta- sister giving those bright yellow cabs some of that curb side love.

Me in my @fashionnova jeans 👖  I think they paired well with the yellow taxi cabs🚕


Closer Look



A few blocks down I spotted a street vendor who was selling scarves and other fun accessories. I knew I had time to work on some more curb appeal because there wasn’t any customers in sight at the moment. Look at all these colorful scarves and knit hats. Do you  spy the Halal Guys food truck behind me ? 😋




I managed to walk to the B train station  which was on the corner of 55th Street. I called this my rest stop.  I took a seat to relax my hurting feet,  and why oh why didn’t I bring my flat walking shoes with me. 😂  Yes, walking in heels in these Manhattan streets for a certain length of time is not kind to my “soles”.  This bench wasn’t exactly sitting at curbside, but it was close in proximity and now I’ve dubbed it as my third curb appeal.


I’m smiling but my feet are hurting me. Momma always said “Never Let Them See You Sweat”😂


Finally before heading back to the office.  I spotted the famous L O V E /H O P E sculpture that’s located on 55th and sixth Avenue.  Now if you’re ever in New York City and find yourself walking through the midtown area, there is a likelihood you may stumble across this famous sign. At times (especially during the lunch hour)  there are people lined up to take pictures in front of this sculpture. It SCREAMS CURB APPEAL!!



Thanks for letting me whip my curb appeal on you DARLINGS🚕




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From the Market to the Florist


From your local Farmers Market, Grocery Store, Flower shop and Deli, that’s where you can find me on any given day in New York City or Pennsylvania. Smelling all the gorgeous flowers and selecting some fresh fruit that I will use in a few of my delicious morning smoothies. Rockefeller Center  Farmers Market is in walking distance from my office building  in Midtown. The market is there from  Wednesday through Friday from July 26 through September 1st. There you can purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, jams, jelly, cheese, wine and more.  So if you’re near the Rock Center area during that time you’re in for a special treat.





Seasons Flowers  located on 8th street in Midtown.  This is my go-to Florist!  I just love the friendly staff there, and they have one of the best flower selections amongst florist in the Midtown area in my book.



And then there’s my favorite deli Toasties.  Every morning I’m looking for some fresh fruit whether it’s an apple or banana to go along with my morning coffee. Another friendly staff who always says “here comes Felicia, I believe  she wants to take a picture for her blog.” Ah don’t they know me well” ❤️



Here I am at my local grocery store in Pa.  Thank you to the lovely shopper who snapped this photo. 📸



I would love to know if you have a favorite Market or florist in your neck of the woods. Please share in the comments below. ❤️


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Afternoon High Tea Celebrating Elegance!!


I walk into a room Just as cool as you please, And to a man, The fellows stand or Fall down on their knees. Then they swarm around me,
A hive of honey bees. I say,
It’s the fire in my eyes,
And the flash of my teeth,
The swing in my waist,
And the joy in my feet.
I’m a woman
Phenomenally. Phenomenal Woman. That’s me.

~Dr. Maya Angelou


Saturday July 29th 2017 was a day that I won’t forget.  Talk about being inspired, uplifted and empowered. Women coming together without any pretense, collaborating and NOT competing. The time now is 1:00 PM and all of the ladies are arriving at the Baccarat Hotel for our Afternoon High Tea. Everyone is dressed in their finest, engaging in good conversation as we wait for our Tea Sommelier to arrive. First let me introduce to you these two amazing women who joined me for this grand event. I love them dearly and I’m holding on to them with both hands and not letting go! ❤️  Here’s Tammy and Kim, and ladies may I please borrow those beautiful hats. These women were Slaying  and looked absolutely GAW-JUS  on this lovely Saturday afternoon.




Tammy I’m just loving that green fascinator!


Next we have my two lovely Insta-Darlings and friends Michele and Kim. Thank you instagram for creating this platform which has given me the opportunity to cross paths with these two beauties. You ladies ROCK!!



Lovely colors Michele, yes you have brightened up my day🌸


Kim is looking like a ray of sunshine in this beautiful yellow dress!! ⭐️


I was delighted to have my colleague and friend Lisa and her beautiful mom grace us with their presence.


Just look at Lisa, she gave me that side turn with the shoulder up as she maintained that beautiful smile. Ok Lisa, you’re looking mighty  FIERCE in that hat!


She’s stylish, She’s classy,  She’s a smart business woman and entrepreneur.  She traveled from D.C. to be a part of our special day and I feel so honored that I can call her my friend. Her name is Lana!! Work that red carpet girlfriend!!


Lana wore a butterfly fascinator as a headpiece and she looked absolutely stunning!!




Meet my beautiful mother.  Mom did not have to look very far to find an outfit or hat for this event. She took a walk slowly down the hallway of her NYC apartment and shopped right out of her closet.  Growing up in the Pentecostal church we wore hats all the time and we continue to do so till this day.  My mom is looking so fashionable in her black and white attire.  I love her dearly and so proud to be her baby girl !!



I’m so thankful for these women that are in my circle.  Their support, encouragement and friendship is unmatched.

Hello it’s me 👋🏾.   I’m loving my red and black Derby Feathered Hat Fascinator. This was an Etsy find. When I opened the box, I was blown away immediately.  This hat is so elegant and classy……Lets All Scream “Haute Couture”!!!





IMG_0976A Seat At The Table



IMG_0979   Table Talk



Tea Time







Now you understand just why my head’s not bowed. I don’t shout or jump about or have to talk real loud. When you see me passing, it ought to make you proud. ’Cause I’m a woman Phenomenally. – Maya Angelou


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Good Day New York

Wow! What a fantastic week it has been. The first few days of Summer in the City was absolutely AMAZING!! Where to find me you ask?  Look no further, as the first stop around the Big Apple this week was at one of my favorite shops in Columbus Circle, Williams-Sonoma.  A huge Thank You to the Team at William-Sonoma for allowing me to explore your store, while you had the patience to put up with my shenanigans. Fun Times!! Continue reading “Good Day New York”