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Felicia On Fifth 🚕💃🏾

Tis the season to be strolling down the streets of Fifth Ave in New York City!  💃🏾🎄Hey there Darlings! C’mon and follow me as I show you some of New York City’s fantabulous holiday treats. You don’t want to miss it!!! Who knows where I’ll be next. Hashtag feliciaonfifth, but of course I’ll be making more stops down different avenues in these city streets. Catch more on my insta stories and if you happen to see me, please stop and say hello !👋🏾

The Lotte New York Palace






2DC96740-020E-49A0-946E-C9B9CC1530E5.jpegIt’s the most wonderful time of the year!


See My City

That Curb Appeal

Let me whip that “Curb Appeal” on you!  Ah Yes, Curb Appeal can be found all around New York City.  This week if you were in the Midtown area of the big city, you may have spotted your insta- sister giving those bright yellow cabs some of that curb side love.

Me in my @fashionnova jeans 👖  I think they paired well with the yellow taxi cabs🚕


Closer Look



A few blocks down I spotted a street vendor who was selling scarves and other fun accessories. I knew I had time to work on some more curb appeal because there wasn’t any customers in sight at the moment. Look at all these colorful scarves and knit hats. Do you  spy the Halal Guys food truck behind me ? 😋




I managed to walk to the B train station  which was on the corner of 55th Street. I called this my rest stop.  I took a seat to relax my hurting feet,  and why oh why didn’t I bring my flat walking shoes with me. 😂  Yes, walking in heels in these Manhattan streets for a certain length of time is not kind to my “soles”.  This bench wasn’t exactly sitting at curbside, but it was close in proximity and now I’ve dubbed it as my third curb appeal.


I’m smiling but my feet are hurting me. Momma always said “Never Let Them See You Sweat”😂


Finally before heading back to the office.  I spotted the famous L O V E /H O P E sculpture that’s located on 55th and sixth Avenue.  Now if you’re ever in New York City and find yourself walking through the midtown area, there is a likelihood you may stumble across this famous sign. At times (especially during the lunch hour)  there are people lined up to take pictures in front of this sculpture. It SCREAMS CURB APPEAL!!



Thanks for letting me whip my curb appeal on you DARLINGS🚕