The One Piece Wonder

After wearing high heels and pencil skirts during the week to the office, I choose to look  for something that is more comfortable and relaxing on the weekends.  Jumpsuits I consider that One Piece Wonder. They’re easy to put on, and most jumpsuits I purchase require minimal ironing if any.  You can dress them up with a blazer,  throw on a scarf and even a poncho and you’re ready to hit the ground running.   I just adore this lovely navy blue jumpsuit that I purchased from Fashionova here. It is so comfortable and it gives that extra stretch that we oh so love. And for those of you who have a little extra “cake” in the back like myself,  DONT YOU WORRY!!! as that spandex got you covered. 🍑 Go get yours and Happy Shopping.






Coffee Talk☕️


H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R!!!

Hello Darlings and Happy New Year!!  I’m wishing you and your families peace and love.  This year I will be taking bigger steps and leaping out on faith as I embark on new and exciting projects.  I’ve started to journal more with my daily planner here which allows me to prioritize my day-to-day activities and to keep things more organized. So what’s new on   I would like to engage more with you and want to know what’s on your mind? Therefore you will now see a new category on the menu called “Coffee Talk” (I’m a coffee lover☕️😋) so please send me an email or reply to my post and let me know what you would like to see on the blog. I will also tag you if your topic has been chosen as this is what we do on social media or send you a warm shout out (if you prefer).   Please feel free to send your suggestions whenever your creative lightbulb hits that switch.  Oh I can’t wait to hear from you!  2018 you’re here and I’m ready!  Off to bed I go as it’s way past my bedtime.  For the rest of you that are out there celebrating with your family and friends, please be safe and we’ll catch up in a few hours.  Cheers to 2018! 🍾








Post Holiday Treats

It’s still not too late to purchase that holiday present for that special someone or just treat yourself to the delicious scents of Diptyque candles. The Diptyque 2017 holiday collection is here and for a limited time ONLY. My scent of choice: Incense Tears  (the vibrant blue candle) which fills my home with its unique aroma of Cinnamon and Myrrh. I’ve been using Diptyque  candles for many years and it’s on the top of my list when it’s time to purchase that high end luxury candle .


Incense Tear- Holiday Candle


And the beat goes on 🎼with the SONY Portable Wireless Bluetooth speaker. It’s compact  design allows you to take it anywhere. It comes in 3 different colors and the red was my color of choice. I love vibrant colors. Live colorfully I say !!


Happy Shopping!!!


See My City

Felicia On Fifth 🚕💃🏾

Tis the season to be strolling down the streets of Fifth Ave in New York City!  💃🏾🎄Hey there Darlings! C’mon and follow me as I show you some of New York City’s fantabulous holiday treats. You don’t want to miss it!!! Who knows where I’ll be next. Hashtag feliciaonfifth, but of course I’ll be making more stops down different avenues in these city streets. Catch more on my insta stories and if you happen to see me, please stop and say hello !👋🏾

The Lotte New York Palace






2DC96740-020E-49A0-946E-C9B9CC1530E5.jpegIt’s the most wonderful time of the year!



Kate Lands At The Rock!

Be happy, Be bright, Be you!! Live Colorfully!! Eat Cake For Breakfast!! These are just some of the famous quotes by Kate Spade.  From chic handbags to sparkly, sophisticated and playful shoes, ladies you won’t be disappointed when you walk into a Kate Spade store.  This Fall a new Kate Spade boutique has opened in New York City at Rockefeller Center. The ROCK has just gotten more colorful .

I was so excited to walk into the store this afternoon as I was anxiously waiting  all Summer for their Grand Opening. I was loving this bright and vibrant neon sign that was located in front of the store.


What beautiful soles you are!! You can purchase these lovely Langton Boots here


Sutton Flats


Sparkle and Shine  Olina Boot15F3812C-5820-48E3-8280-08D2253764E5.jpeg

I felt like a kid in a candy 🍭 store


Loving this adorable Nouveau York Taxi Clutch


Nouveau York New Francis




Milford heel




Taking it all in.


Thank you for taking a look inside with me. As Kate would say “I love pretty things and witty words”😉




See My City

That Curb Appeal

Let me whip that “Curb Appeal” on you!  Ah Yes, Curb Appeal can be found all around New York City.  This week if you were in the Midtown area of the big city, you may have spotted your insta- sister giving those bright yellow cabs some of that curb side love.

Me in my @fashionnova jeans 👖  I think they paired well with the yellow taxi cabs🚕


Closer Look



A few blocks down I spotted a street vendor who was selling scarves and other fun accessories. I knew I had time to work on some more curb appeal because there wasn’t any customers in sight at the moment. Look at all these colorful scarves and knit hats. Do you  spy the Halal Guys food truck behind me ? 😋




I managed to walk to the B train station  which was on the corner of 55th Street. I called this my rest stop.  I took a seat to relax my hurting feet,  and why oh why didn’t I bring my flat walking shoes with me. 😂  Yes, walking in heels in these Manhattan streets for a certain length of time is not kind to my “soles”.  This bench wasn’t exactly sitting at curbside, but it was close in proximity and now I’ve dubbed it as my third curb appeal.


I’m smiling but my feet are hurting me. Momma always said “Never Let Them See You Sweat”😂


Finally before heading back to the office.  I spotted the famous L O V E /H O P E sculpture that’s located on 55th and sixth Avenue.  Now if you’re ever in New York City and find yourself walking through the midtown area, there is a likelihood you may stumble across this famous sign. At times (especially during the lunch hour)  there are people lined up to take pictures in front of this sculpture. It SCREAMS CURB APPEAL!!



Thanks for letting me whip my curb appeal on you DARLINGS🚕




Chat and Chew

48 Karat Magic



48 Karat Magic in the air. Yes Bruno Mars your song has inspired me, although I tweaked it a just a little.  Last month I celebrated 48 years of being on this earth. Grateful, Happy and Joyful are just a few words that can describe what I was feeling.

I wanted this year to be the year that I reconnected with my girlfriends. I wanted to spend my time with them without any major distractions. Normally I would opt to head out to a nice Jazz Lounge or a five star restaurant in New York City for an evening.  I said lets erase that for this year as my vision of a more intimate gathering with my friends is what I wanted to create for this particular weekend.

The Wyndham Village at Shawnee in the Pocono Mountains is where the festivities took place.  I rented a 2 bedroom Villa with a loft for my girlfriends and I, it was the perfect September weekend that anyone could ever   imagine. I was so excited that my friends were coming to spend my birthday weekend with me.

The time now is 8am and Just Illusions Party Center arrived at the Villa with my 48 balloons. Just look at all the beautiful colors!!

IMG_4200.JPG Fast forward to 3:00pm and I’m in my happy zone. My Personal Chef for the evening Iggy from Private Chef Now  has arrived promptly and ready to prepare my birthday dinner. On the menu;

  • Bang Bang Shrimp
  • Arugula Salad w/ Walnuts and Cherries
  • Tour-of Italy: Chicken Parmesan with Fettuccine Alfredo and Lasagna.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While Iggy is handling his business in the kitchen my girlfriends start to arrive. It meant so much to me to have my friends celebrate this special evening. I’m the farthest from everyone as they all reside in New Jersey. However, without any hesitation everyone showed up and showed out. It made my heart sing when I saw the ladies park their cars and walk through those doors. Maranda, Lucretia, Tammy and Shynell, I hope you are reading this.  Please know that I love you all so very much!.









Those beautiful silk robes and silver ballerina slippers that my girls are wearing was an Etsy find.  Not sure if you noticed, but the balloon colors coordinated with each of our (Favorite Colors) Robes.


And then there was cake!


We stayed up till 1:00am dancing, singing and laughing at each others dance moves.💃🏾 We danced to a little Salt n Pepa (Push It) and New Edition’s ( If It Isn’t Love) and ended the evening with a little R Kelly! I’m chuckling as I’m typing this because I got a visual of us clowning around in the living room that evening. Good Times!!😃

The next morning we got up and prepared a delicious breakfast. Kudos to Maranda, Tammy and Lucretia for cooking our early morning breakfast. As for Shynell, I guess she had to get more beauty rest.😂


It was a weekend to remember. The weather was fantastic and being surrounded by my friends was the highlight of it all.  That 48 Karat Magic was definitely in the air. 🙏🏿


Go Felicia ….It’s Ya Birthday!!!🎤💃🏾