That Green Leaf

I have to admit my love for flowers and plants has increased since joining Instagram over two years ago, and the Monstera plant has become my latest floral obsession. I’m fascinated by the richness in color, the glossiness and shine and it has been dubbed “The Swiss Cheese Plant” due to their interesting oblong holes that you will find on the leaves. The Monstera has become my go-to leaf for some of the rooms in my home, as they will certainly add that extra green “POP” of color you’ve been looking for. I frequent my local florist in Midtown Manhattan,  Season’s Floral Design Studio where you can snag these beauties for just $5.00. Not bad..right??

Photo May 31, 10 52 50 PMPhoto Jun 01, 9 17 02 PM.jpg

Photo May 31, 2 44 08 PMPhoto Mar 21, 3 00 00 PM.jpg

2 thoughts on “That Green Leaf”

  1. My goodness, the Monstera plant looks absolutely gorgeous!! I think I had one in another life. The vivid green in the photo is simply beautiful, you’ve inspired me to find one for my home. Your blog is looking lovely darling!

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