Secure The Summer Bag

Hello, Darlings! I hope this blog post finds you relaxed and well. The warmer weather is approaching and I’m ready for some fun In the sun. I’m sharing with you some of my favorite things that I have been enjoying over the past few months, and maybe something on the list will pique your interest. So let’s go shopping and secure that Summer bag with these items.  

Skin Care: All things from Yelle Skin Care    Perfect for all skin types. I use the Yelle Awakening Milk and Honey facial wash, toner, and daily moisturizer. Leaving my skin fresh, smooth and radiant. Makes me wanna “Yelle” for more.



Reading Enjoyment: Woman of Color beautifully written by Lifestyle Blogger Latonya Yvette.  I had the pleasure of meeting Latonya at a book signing a few weeks ago. She has a heart of gold. Pick up your copy!! This book is for ALL women!!! 



Book Reading with Latonya Yvette

Lather up: My favorite Body wash at this moment is the Aveeno Positively Radiant Exfoliating Body Wash.  It Leaves my skin healthy looking and it dries away all of those dull layers.  To my lovely sister Lana @style1963 , thank you for introducing me to this product. I had the pleasure of using it for the very first time in Lana’s home. Did I mention how AMAZING it smells?



Personalize Phone Case: My new phone case I just love from Caseapp. You can make this phone case your own with your unique personal design. Here’s mine…. and for those who follow me on Instagram , you are very familiar with my Moniker “Hello Darlings”. How appropriate.. ..right? Head on over to caseapp and get yours. I hope you’re reading this post, because today is the last day to get 20% off using my code Fdettmer20. So hurry, hurry.



Travel in Style:  I’ve been eyeing the Terminal 1 Carry-On luggage by Mark and Graham for months.  I’m happy to say that I just purchased mine today as they have a 20% off memorial day sale.  Boy do I love a sale!!!  I will share with you my review on this beauty once it arrives.  


Specs:  Oh yes.. how could I forget!  Discover my new specs by Tom Ford. Love my new glasses! 😉






See My City

The Boutique Charm

Intimate, charming and unique in their own way, I have a thing for Boutique hotels.  This doesn’t mean that I shy away from our  beautiful  Chain Hotels, as I have a very active 8 year old little boy, and as such I opt to stay in Chain Hotels when traveling with him.

However, for most of my solo travel or with friends I prefer “Boutiquing”, ok I think I just made that word up. So here’s the deal as to why I prefer these small luxury hotels and their upscale accommodations.

The Marshall House

  • You will find them in prime locations
  • Some are also nestled inside a larger hotel
  • Approx 10-100 rooms the most (the rooms are decent in size)
  • Obsessed with their rich architecture design
  • Exceptional Service
  • Special touches (Fire Place, paintings  on the wall, flooring , window treatments etc.)
  • Intimate dwelling for guest
  • Added Bonus (Live Entertainment and cocktail hour)
  • A home away from home.

Now don’t frown as some may say, “Boutique hotels can be very pricey”.  Did you know there are some beautiful budget friendly boutique   hotels? You can find some right 👉🏾here. And as you browse the web you may find more budget friendly boutique hotels that are not on this list.  Please share and comment if you do.

I will be discussing more about the two boutique hotels I stayed in when visiting Savannah GA on another post. At times it can be a good thing to stay at two different properties while traveling so you can compare the similarities and the differences.

Thank you all for “Boutiquing” with me and good luck with planning your next stay wherever that may be.✨✨



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Upcoming Blog Post.. “A taste of Savannah”

Kaei & Shi Oversized Vintage shirt



Forty Nine Years Around The Sun!!



Yes another year has come and I’m so grateful to see another birthday. There have been highs and lows earlier this year, where at times it seemed that I was going to crumble. However, in the words of the late Whitney Houston who is one of my favorite songstress of all times “ I’m not built to break”. Those who know me understand where I’m coming from and I will continue to say this quote over and over again .

Forty Nine years around the Sun and life has been good. I’m doing the things that I enjoy doing and having no regrets along the way. I can look back and say ” It was all good”.

Thank you dear Lord for my life, health and strength. I thank you again for allowing me to see another year, I don’t take this for granted.  He’s blessed me so much and have put some AMAZING women in my life.  Find your “Girl Tribe”, I’ve found mine! I often hear other women say  “they do not or cannot get along with other women. Sometimes it might not be the others…. it might just be You!!   We may not want to admit it, but its okay to check and edit ourselves. I did some editing within my own life and found that there were things that I had to change. I’m the same Felicia that many of you have come to know and Love,  but I’m in a different place in my life now.  I have adjusted my crown , and at times I have adjusted others.  Life is just way too short to be living in the past.

Thankful, overjoyed and loved are a few words that come to mind. I’m living my life like its pure GOLDEN!!

Peace and Blessing to all of you. Now let me go get that second cup of coffee that’s waiting for me. Until next time….. Live, Love and Laugh! Forty Nine Years of Rotation and I’m truly blessed.img_12382








CE94193B-A24F-4A0B-946A-824F753C4F29Darlings its been a while and Summer has dived into full swing at this point. I hope everyone is doing well and you’re enjoying your Summer thus far.  Unfortunately, I had to take some time off from the blog as I have been suffering with “Tennis Elbow” which has impeded me from typing and writing. The overuse of the tendon has caused severe pain  in my arm and mainly my elbow where my fingers has also started to tingle and burn. I’m happy to report that healing is in progress and thanks to my physical therapist who has taken  me under her wing, I’m now on the road to recovery.

Meditation! Yes have you tried it. I’ve been using this meditation app called “Calm” and I have applied it to my night-time routine. I have been sleeping better at night and I feel so rejuvenated in the morning. “clicking my heels three times” 🙂 and the sleep stories are the best!

Yoga! I must admit I wasn’t a fan of Yoga. For those who know me will tell you that  I enjoy high impact workouts. However, I have incorporated  Yoga into my workout routine and I’m happy to say I have come to like it. I now take Yoga 3x a week. Warrior Pose, I’m here for you !!!! 🙂

Vitamins!  Yes, I take Dr. Red Cross Ultimate Vitamin D every day along with my Omega-3 Fish Oil. Lets keep these bones healthy, heart Pumping  and Muscles strong. Now let the HEALING begin! Until Next Time……..






It’s Lit!!

Do I have any candle lovers out there? Oh yes, I know there are so many of you who enjoy the  rich scents of a burning candle. From the infusing aromas of woodsy, fruity, floral, cinnamon and vanilla just to name a few.

Just the other day I stumbled upon the earthy and spicy aroma of Cedarwood and Patchouli from the Sweet Love Luxury Candle line. The Aromatic scent reminds me of the incense that I use to burn back in the day, (Frankincense and Myrrh). A big shout out to my street vendors from 125th St. in Harlem New York who sold those incense,  we really appreciated you.

OK now back to the candles,  I just love how the scent of a candle can stir a memory of a person, place or even a special moment that occurred in your life.

I’m burning my Sweet Love candle now and my home is LIT! It gets even better, it’s hand poured with love from my hometown Brooklyn New York!!  Purchase yours and let that baby burn.




See My City

Caravan Glam


Glam Squad is the phrase that I hear often circling on Social Media, well I finally had the opportunity to experience “All that glam” with celebrity makeup artist Valerie Star from @caravannyc.

The bright and airy studio is nestled inside of the Gorgeous Gregory Hotel located in Midtown Manhattan.  When I walked through the doors of the studio, immediately Valerie greeted me with a warm and cheerful “welcome”.  We got acquainted and she was ready to get started.  Go ahead Valerie “do your thing dear lady”







24B3D63A-DB57-4A78-A3AA-0ED008689FA1Lip colors! Decisions Decisions



1AD81903-6535-4F55-9C58-4724010CCFC5Oh yes! I’m loving it!



Glam Glam Glam……





Feeling Good!


Until next time …………

Lips: @shereecosmetics

Face/Eyes: @mustaev_usa

Dress: @Anthropologie

Shoes: @lkbennettlondon

Phtography: @crkphotocraft


Recharge & Rebalance

Hello Darlings! Oh how good it feels to be here with you all once again. Most importantly, Thank You for taking the time out of your day to click on my special link which allows you to enter into to my blog room. 💻  I know it has  been a while since I’ve written my last blog post and I’m so excited with getting back to something that I really enjoy doing. Yes, there have been ups and downs, and highs and lows during the past two months.  Now I’m recharged and ready to hit the ground running or as I like to say “I’m plug n play ready” !!


Now let’s fast-forward to this beautiful Saturday morning, it’s hard to fathom that  a nor’easter just left ur area on yesterday. Meanwhile today is so bright and Sunny  outdoors with clear blue skies.  As the old adage goes “what a difference a day makes”. What am I doing now?  Hmmmm lets see, well currently I have my hot coffee brewing in my keurig machine, (Dunkin Donuts that is 😀) along with with my mouthwatering sausage links that are frying in the pan and my golden Egg-land eggs scrambling in another. What else shall we discuss this morning? Oh yes, Spring is approaching and we are looking forward to  warmer weather.  🙋🏾‍♀️  This also means daylight saving time, is a week away.   Mark it on your calendar .

Lastly,  make sure you take the time to relax and recharge.  Maintain that healthy relationship with yourself. I’ve been overwhelmed with so many life-changing events and I too have taken a moment to breathe, relax and unwind.

Nonetheless I am ready to Level Up!  Take charge of me! Maintain that healthy relationship with myself.  If you’re in search of any self-care products while your on this self -care journey, may I suggest  @rain_africa beauty and product company. I can get lost in this store as I find myself drifting away into this spa like time capsule and never wanting to leave. All products are handcrafted and handmade using natural ingredients from South Africa origins. The lovely scents and the aromatherapy of essential oils and artisan soaps leaves me breathless.  Take a quick gander below as you can witness me indulging in all of this goodness.  So go ahead and take the opportunity to Recharge and Rebalance. Your self-care journey awaits you!








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