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Good Day New York

Wow! What a fantastic week it has been. The first few days of Summer in the City was absolutely AMAZING!! Where to find me you ask?  Look no further, as the first stop around the Big Apple this week was at one of my favorite shops in Columbus Circle, Williams-Sonoma.  A huge Thank You to the Team at William-Sonoma for allowing me to explore your store, while you had the patience to put up with my shenanigans. Fun Times!! Photo Jun 20, 2 12 20 PM

Photo Jun 20, 2 23 02 PM.jpg

Next Stop, The FDNY Fire Zone: I recommend bringing your friends and family to this Fire Safety Educational Center.  There’s even a gift shop in the back of  the center where you can purchase your souvenirs. Come on baby and light my fire!!  Check me out as I’m twinning with my matching fire engine colors. Darlings, this was not planned but I think I nailed it!!

Photo Jun 19, 2 37 19 PMPhoto Jun 19, 2 37 30 PM

My last stop was down Fifth Avenue in Midtown. Oh yes, SAKS Wellness Department was waiting for me. These cool bikes was the highlight of the day. Oh and by the way, the wellness/fitness department is located on the second floor and will be at SAKS until the fall.  Hurry and go check it out!

Photo Jun 21, 2 31 45 PM.jpg

Photo Jun 21, 2 35 43 PM.jpg

Photo Jun 21, 2 31 50 PM.jpg

Photo Jun 23, 5 48 22 PM.jpg

Photo Jun 21, 2 31 19 PM.jpg

I had this entire area to myself,  so I decided to sit on this lovely red plush sofa  as I  browsed through some magazines. What a fine way to spend my lunch hour.

Photo Jun 21, 2 29 10 PM.jpg




2 thoughts on “Good Day New York”

  1. Oh Felicia, how you make me miss the city!!! I adore NYC, it’s one of my most favorite cities in the world. I love the energy of the place, the melting pot that the city is, the food, the art! I am hoping to visit this December and cannot wait! Beautiful post and stunning photos!

    ~ Cat L.


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