Chat and Chew

Brunching In Soho


SnapseedWho loves to brunch? … Hey I do!!    In New York City it’s not very hard to find that perfect brunch spot for the weekend.  Whether you’re in the Soho, Nono, Midtown or Lower East Side area of Manhattan, you will find a place to  brunch on almost every corner of the block. Sanctuary T is where you could find me this past Saturday. I had an amazing time brunching 🥓🍳 with my darling friend Lana @style1963.

We met at the restaurant approx 11 o’clock am (I ran a few minutes late as I didn’t use my google maps 😂  DARN IT!!) Any-who when I finally arrived it was time for us to chat and chew, our girlfriend time was way overdue. We both decided to have the country breakfast and we shared an order of the creme brûlée french toast which was absolutely delicious.   The country breakfast was just ok for the both of us as the savory bacon that was advertised on the menu was prepared extremely hard. That was a big disappointment however,  we asked the server to return the bacon to the kitchen.  They  prepared a new order which was more enjoyable because it was cooked at the correct temperature that we requested.  I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the newly ordered bacon,  but here’s a few pictures below of what was on the menu.






After brunch we decided to take some lovely photos as we street hiked in the Soho area. The  weather was a bit on the chilly side, but it was the perfect day for pictures as the skies were clear and the sun was shining brightly .



I always say when bloggers unite amazing things happen. When we put our hearts, minds and creative ideas together “voila” THAT GIRLFRIEND MAGIC APPEARS!





Blackgirls Magic!   We continue to Slay!!

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