CE94193B-A24F-4A0B-946A-824F753C4F29Darlings its been a while and Summer has dived into full swing at this point. I hope everyone is doing well and you’re enjoying your Summer thus far.  Unfortunately, I had to take some time off from the blog as I have been suffering with “Tennis Elbow” which has impeded me from typing and writing. The overuse of the tendon has caused severe pain  in my arm and mainly my elbow where my fingers has also started to tingle and burn. I’m happy to report that healing is in progress and thanks to my physical therapist who has taken  me under her wing, I’m now on the road to recovery.

Meditation! Yes have you tried it. I’ve been using this meditation app called “Calm” and I have applied it to my night-time routine. I have been sleeping better at night and I feel so rejuvenated in the morning. “clicking my heels three times” 🙂 and the sleep stories are the best!

Yoga! I must admit I wasn’t a fan of Yoga. For those who know me will tell you that  I enjoy high impact workouts. However, I have incorporated  Yoga into my workout routine and I’m happy to say I have come to like it. I now take Yoga 3x a week. Warrior Pose, I’m here for you !!!! 🙂

Vitamins!  Yes, I take Dr. Red Cross Ultimate Vitamin D every day along with my Omega-3 Fish Oil. Lets keep these bones healthy, heart Pumping  and Muscles strong. Now let the HEALING begin! Until Next Time……..





5 thoughts on “Healing!”

  1. Morning
    Beautiful Picture! I agree with the entire blog . I’m been taking my vitamins for years ; since I turned 40. There was article in essence 9 years ago that discussed which vitamins should be taken for different age groups .

    I also tried mediation. Learned the importance from therapist. Not really good at it; because my mind keeps wondering . But practice makes perfect .

    I’m definitely an advocate of yoga .

    Nice article you wrote.
    Welcome back !!


    1. Thank you Tammy for your support always!
      Meditation I have to take late at night and I agree about the mind wondering. What I love about the “calm” session, the instructor brings you back to your meditation moment. Funny how she’s knows when we have drifted off. Happy Sunday !


  2. This is such a calming and beautiful post! Isn’t the Calm app the absolute best! Thank you for reminding us that we must always remember to take care of ourselves.


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