Forty Nine Years Around The Sun!!



Yes another year has come and I’m so grateful to see another birthday. There have been highs and lows earlier this year, where at times it seemed that I was going to crumble. However, in the words of the late Whitney Houston who is one of my favorite songstress of all times “ I’m not built to break”. Those who know me understand where I’m coming from and I will continue to say this quote over and over again .

Forty Nine years around the Sun and life has been good. I’m doing the things that I enjoy doing and having no regrets along the way. I can look back and say ” It was all good”.

Thank you dear Lord for my life, health and strength. I thank you again for allowing me to see another year, I don’t take this for granted.  He’s blessed me so much and have put some AMAZING women in my life.  Find your “Girl Tribe”, I’ve found mine! I often hear other women say  “they do not or cannot get along with other women. Sometimes it might not be the others…. it might just be You!!   We may not want to admit it, but its okay to check and edit ourselves. I did some editing within my own life and found that there were things that I had to change. I’m the same Felicia that many of you have come to know and Love,  but I’m in a different place in my life now.  I have adjusted my crown , and at times I have adjusted others.  Life is just way too short to be living in the past.

Thankful, overjoyed and loved are a few words that come to mind. I’m living my life like its pure GOLDEN!!

Peace and Blessing to all of you. Now let me go get that second cup of coffee that’s waiting for me. Until next time….. Live, Love and Laugh! Forty Nine Years of Rotation and I’m truly blessed.img_12382






9 thoughts on “Forty Nine Years Around The Sun!!”

  1. What a beautiful and inspiring post. You are so right that we should edit ourselves from time to time. I am so blessed to have met you. 361 days left of your 49th Party! Let’s do it!!!


  2. Felicia
    Your article is so eloquently written. I am so proud of you . Your growth is inspiring . You look absolutely beautiful . You speak truth and it’s enlightening . And I concur-finding your “Girl Tribe” or shall I say finding each other . Isn’t it amazing when one surrounds themselves with other women’ who can support , encourage and inspire each other . Reading your article; I truly know I am blessed and highly favored. Thank You Jesus. !
    Felicia you have a gift ; please keep sharing .
    Your Frirnd !Your Sister !And part of Your Sister Tribe!


  3. I’m so glad I finally had the pleasure of meeting you Felecia not once but twice!❤️☺️ Your article is spot on and 💯 the truth! #sistertribe 🙌😍😘


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